Supreme Court: Employer’s offer of direct compensation to employees was illegal inducement when collective bargaining process was not completed

Employers who recognize a union for collective bargaining purposes should take note of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Kostal UK Ltd v Dunkley which will need to be taken into account when collective bargaining over wage allocations or other contractual variations comes to a standstill. The Supreme Court’s decision is the latest installment in a […]


A family accuses the employer of making his loved one work on site despite calls to work remotely

Family accuses employer of making grandfather work on site despite calls to work remotely Family accuses Riverside County employer of not letting grandfather work remotely during COVID-19 wave. RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA – An employer who refuses to let employees work remotely for COVID-19[female[feminine surges responsible for this employee’s infection or even his death from the […]


Louisiana Supreme Court upholds employer’s vaccine mandate

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – The Louisiana Supreme Court unanimously upheld a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Friday for the state’s largest health care system. The ruling came the same day the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over the Biden administration’s order requiring companies with at least 100 employees to demand vaccinations or tests. Louisiana’s highest court […]


Almost all American employers are a small business – 24/7 Wall St.

Business January 7, 2022 12:06 P.M. Last updated: January 7, 2022 at 12:17 p.m. When it comes to defining a small business, most of us think really small. And we would be right. How a small business is defined makes a big difference. Using one set of standards, a small business would have no more […]


Georgia employer faces Labor Department lawsuit after paying staff member pennies

Find out what clicks on FoxBusiness.com. The US Department of Labor said this week it was pursuing a Georgia owner of an auto repair shop who allegedly paid a departing employee over 91,000 cents. “This is my last paycheck. Nine hundred and fifteen dollars in pennies,” Andreas Flaten, a Fayetteville resident and former employee of […]


Nomi Health seizes analysis supplier Artemis Health to reduce employer healthcare costs

Direct healthcare provider Nomi Health has acquired healthcare analytics company Artemis Health to accelerate its mission of reducing healthcare costs for employers. Artemis offers analysis software that helps employers and health plans reduce the costs of their health benefits while maintaining results. The tools will build on Nomi’s existing platform, Nomi Connect, which allows employers […]


How Your Employer Could Help You Beat Janu’s Blues

Ray White speaks with former Springbok Bryan Habana, co-founder of the Earned Wages Access Paymenow platform. The fun of a Dezemba break often ends in Janu’s blues tears. A lot of people get paid at the beginning of December and arrive in the first month of the new year, they have big problems after wasting […]


How should an employer in Florida react after being informed of an incident of sexual harassment?

If your employer or the harasser does not comply, then a lawyer will certainly assess their options, one of which could include taking your case to court. Reporting sexual harassment at work is not an easy thing for everyone, as many fear what might happen next. A to study showed that 75 percent of victims […]


Most remote workers want their employer to cover home internet costs

As employees around the world transitioned to working from home, the slow internet was one of the main factors keeping them from being as productive as they could be, according to a new study. To learn more about the productivity challenges faced by teleworkers, High speed internet.com surveyed 1,000 American workers who currently work or […]

Job seekers

Online exchange connects mortgage lenders with job seekers

Mortgage lenders looking to recruit new talent and mortgage professionals planning their next career change have a new resource at their fingertips: the Mortgage Career Exchange. Managed by Baltimore, MD-based Superus Careers, the Mortgage Career Exchange allows job seekers to upload their resumes or browse current vacancies in the mortgage industry in the areas of […]