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Marketing expert fired by ‘crying CEO’ receives multiple job offers

An employee who was fired by Braden Wallake, the CEO of Ohio-based marketing firm HyperSocial (currently trending on social media as the “crying CEO”) earlier this month, is now flooded with job offers. Braden Wallake made headlines earlier this month after posting a photo of himself crying while announcing the layoff of his employees. The photo has gone viral on social media. The CEO has now shared the screenshot of text messages he received from Noah Smith, one of the two terminated employees, which revealed that the latter has been receiving multiple job offers since his termination.

Noah was a marketing expert who left his role at Ohio-based business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency Hypersocial last week. The company founder had written an emotional post on LinkedIn about the layoffs which he described as “the most vulnerable thing” he “will ever share”.

The public didn’t take it as a kind gesture and the CEO was ridiculed online for his watery-eyed photo. He was criticized for choosing to post a photo instead of taking action to support his employees.

Braden gave updates on Monday, sharing screenshots Noah sent him with his inbox full of potential employers wanting to hire him.

“Noah sent me this picture the other day. Going viral was never intended, but seeing it is worth it. You’ve filled Noah Smith’s inbox with job opportunities, job vacancies, and more. job and more. Thanks to all of you, Noah is going to have a plethora of amazing opportunities to choose from. And wherever he decides, he will be so lucky to have it! he wrote.

In the comments section, he added, “My original post was not intended for the terminated employees. I never said it was. It’s great that the circle is closed to their advantage. They know they always had everything they needed from me to get their next job, but we had to wait to find out what they wanted to do before agreeing on next steps together.

Earlier, while announcing the layoff via a LinkedIn post, Wallake portrayed he was devastated to break the bad news and blamed himself for not retaining his employees. “We just had to lay off a few of our employees. I’ve seen a lot of layoffs over the past few weeks on LinkedIn. Most of them are due to the economy, or any other reason. Ours? My fault,” he said.

He shared that he doesn’t regret sharing his teary-eyed selfie on the job-hunting platform, but he was disappointed with the harsh retaliation he received. He told PR Week that he had not deleted the post despite receiving so many negative comments since support replaced criticism.

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