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PoliTemps helps employers and job seekers prepare for change in the nation’s capital

Expects the 2022 election and labor shortages to lead to shifting customer priorities and shifting talent

Growing list of Washington lobbyists, nonprofits, corporations and consultants validates recruitment agency’s track record of success

WASHINGTON, October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “With a divided government expected, this will be new territory for job seekers and employers in Washington,” says Chris JonesPresident of PoliTemps, the first non-partisan political recruitment agency in the country.

Jones expects at least 5,000 campaign and out-of-work Capitol Hill workers come November 3 and many will make their way to and from Washington looking for new opportunities.

With the worst of the pandemic in the rearview mirror, many social media, political and political actors are choosing to work in a hybrid office environment. In washington d.c.this might be less of an option as the business of politics, politics and governance is often a close contact sport.

Zoom calls and interviews, and socially distanced cafes also continue. The nature of hiring, vetting, and screening employees — and the workplace as a whole — has inevitably changed, some say for the better.

“Between Super PACs and various Congressional, Governor and Senate campaigns, resumes will quickly fly to DC,” Jones says. “There will be opportunities here, in the private sector, in a Biden White House or a slightly modified Congress.”

“When a new party takes control of legislative bodies, it usually affects our business – and for the better,” Jones said. “On the one hand, we’re getting an influx of qualified and politically savvy candidates from across the country who see it as a chance to break into the big leagues in Washington. New players and leaders in Congress and the executive branch are also forcing lobbyists and special interests to refocus priorities and strategies, which means more client activity. We are preparing to do washington d.c. still working.”

Jones is quick to note that with setbacks come triumphs in life, and his business is proof of that. Years ago, Jones found himself the loser of a political battle and unemployed. He had been a member of the famous governor’s campaign staff Anne Richards in Austin, TXwho lost his re-election bid to none other than George W. Bush. But Jones would not be defeated. He reflected on the experience, healed his wounds, came to Washingtonand founded PoliTemps.

Now, PoliTemps marks another election cycle, and Jones finds himself in a position to benefit from wins or losses on either side of the political aisle. Having withstood many campaign cycles, September 11thethe rise and fall of the era, a recession, a divided government and a waning pandemic, Jones has made PoliTemps a company focused on creating value for clients and candidates, regardless of the controlling party.

“What excites me is helping people find jobs that meet a real need in the Washington the economy, plain and simple,” says Jones. “I’ve seen job seekers from both sides of the aisle come to us, sometimes after an election defeat or a reorganization. I try to give everyone a new chance because I know that in politics… You need it.”

PoliTemps provides organizations with high-quality professional staff who, in addition to possessing unparalleled communication, administrative and computer skills, are also politically astute. As President and CEO, Jones oversees all of the company’s business development, marketing and management activities. PoliTemps has placed associates with clients for over a million hours and over 2,000 permanent placements.

The company counts among its clients a premier list of the DC area’s top political consultants, businesses, PR firms, associations, and nonprofits. Chris Jones and PoliTemps has been featured in numerous newspapers, political resource guides and publications as a trusted source for news and information about politics, people, campaigns and jobs. Jones also owns Capitol Works, a public affairs executive search firm.

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