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Vermont’s Largest Career Fair Generates Over 120 Job Postings

Associated General Contractors of Vermont (AGC/VT) hosted Vermont’s largest hiring event at the Champlain Valley Expo, in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Labor. Photos from the VermontBiz.

Vermont Business Magazine Last week, Tuesday, April 26, the Associated General Contractors of Vermont (AGC/VT) held Vermont’s largest hiring event at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Jct. In one week, Vermont employers submitted more than 120 job openings, with more expected in the coming weeks.

AGC/VT, which has partnered with the Vermont Department of Labor (DOL), has recruited nearly 200 employers in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, healthcare, education, public safety and emergency response. Many state agencies, including the Vermont Transportation Agency, the Vermont Department of Public Safety, and the Commerce and Community Development Agency, have also attended and promoted current government job openings. of State.

The one-day event attracted more than 1,200 job seekers, including hundreds of students from career centers and colleges. The average employer spoke with about 40 potential candidates, with about 10 Vermonters applying per job posting.

“We know that many Vermont employers in various industries, from construction to manufacturing to healthcare, face extraordinary challenges when it comes to finding qualified candidates,” explained Richard Wobby. , Executive Vice President of AGC/VT. “We also know that finding the right employer and the right career is a challenge for many Vermonters. We wanted to help ease the burden on both parties by hosting this job fair, making it as easy as possible for employers and employees to connect. »

As Wobby continued, “This was just the first career fair we intend to host, and one of many workforce development initiatives we have underway at AGC/ VT. We heard from many employers who particularly appreciated hiring pits that matched potential employees with employers in a one-on-one setting. We are delighted that the event has already resulted in over 120 job offers, but our work is far from done. Our goal is to continue to fill the short-term employment gap while making breakthroughs and long-term investments in growing our workforce and reversing the aging demographic trend.

“We have a very real demographic crisis in Vermont,” explained Michael Harrington, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Labor. “Every day, it’s estimated that we have up to 26,000 vacancies, but we have fewer Vermonters between the ages of 34 and 52 and more Vermonters over the age of 65 than 20 years ago. Within the state government and the DOL, we are committed to doing everything we can to help Vermont employers fill their open positions while simultaneously helping job seekers find employment opportunities that match their skills and to their level of experience. We are proud to have partnered with AGC/VT and other state agencies to host the recent job fair and are thrilled to see that employers and employees alike have found beneficial, but we have a long way to go to close the jobs gap.

“As a Vermont employer, we are constantly trying to find the best ways to recruit and retain talent,” explained Ken Pidgeon of Engineers Construction, Inc. “As soon as we heard about this job, we knew we had to be a part of it. We were surprised by the number of qualified candidates we encountered, and we are pleased to have offered 10 jobs to Vermonters, who we believe will be a perfect fit for our company and our community.

Upcoming career fairs hosted by or in partnership with the Ministry of Labor include:

  • River Valley Career Fair (with members of the River Valley Workforce Innovation Board)
  • May Jobs Festival: Middlebury (with Middlebury Parks & Recreation and Addison County Workforce Alliance)
  • May Job Festival: Bennington (with HireAbility and the Southwest Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • Central Vermont Career Fair (with the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation)

All of the above events are free to job seekers, and all are encouraged to attend. To pre-register, please click on the links above or contact your local Ministry of Labor Workforce Development Team by calling 802-828-4394. Employers interested in participating in these and other recruiting and hiring events are also encouraged to contact the Department.

For more information on general career services and resources, visit is external).

Montpelier, VT / May 5, 2022 – Vermont AGC. Department of Labor