UNA president seeks meeting with AHS leaders to discuss employer’s attendance management plans

Hearing more and more talk about Alberta Health Services’ use of attendance management, United Nurses of Alberta President Heather Smith wrote to senior health authority officials asking a meeting to discuss their plans.

While the UNA understands that AHS faces significant human resource challenges, “healthcare workers in general and registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses in particular face levels of human resource challenges. unprecedented health,” Smith wrote in the letter to the AHS Executive Director of Negotiations and Labor Relations. Lee McEwan, Director of Labor Relations Krystie Watson-Boyd, Director of Capacity Management Lindsey Simpson and Director of Benefits and Retirement Program Gayle Shurvell.

“Employees are asking to reduce their working hours, transfer positions, change employment status to part-time and casual, take vacations and use special leaves,” she said. “Often these requests are thwarted by employer decisions to deny the requests, impose overtime or redeploy or return staff to the unit they attempted to leave.

“Without those options, sick leave is their last resort,” she said, saying programs that require employees to report to work when they should be taking leave will be counterproductive. productive if they push employees to the breaking point.

“We conclude that implementing an attendance management program at this time will put the health of our members at risk,” Smith wrote.

Such a move will be interpreted as a disregard for employee health and will undermine the employer’s efforts to improve employee health and wellbeing, she warned, urging AHS to consider an eco-friendly approach. attendance.

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