Top manufacturing employer with 4 lakh new jobs created in Oct-Dec 2021

Quarterly employment survey: leading employer in the manufacturing sector; 4,000 jobs created in the 3rd quarter of 2021

New Delhi: Despite the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, India managed to generate 4 lakh jobs in the third quarter of 2021. According to the third Quarterly Employment Survey report released on Thursday, India has seen a rise in the formal sector job of 4 lakh in the quarter ending December 2021.

The report released by the Ministry of Labor pointed out that the main employer during the period was the manufacturing sector. The survey recorded employment data from establishments with 10 or more workers covering manufacturing, construction, trade, transportation, education, health care, hospitality and catering, IT/BPO and financial services.

The third quarter Employment survey covered 10,834 units and represented nearly 85 per cent of total employment in units with 10 or more workers.

Job creation in these sectors rose to 3.14 crores, which is higher than the estimates of 3.1 crores recorded in the second QES from July to September 2021 and 3.08 crores according to the first round of QES d October to December 2020, ToI reported.

Minister of Labor and Employment Bhupendra Yadav expressed his delight over the results saying, “Glad to inform that the 3rd round (October-December 2021) report of the Quarterly Employment Survey shows an upward trend in employment in the organized sector , employing 10 or more workers, out of the 9 selected sectors”.

Decreasing female labor force

The quarter saw a decline in the share of female workers to 31.6 percent from 32.1 percent in the second quarter (July-September). Moreover, in the transport sector, the presence of female workers was only 12 per cent and 21 per cent in the manufacturing industry.

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Sector employment

The report notes that the manufacturing sector, the largest employer, accounts for about 39 percent of the estimated total number of workers. It was followed by the education sector at 22%. Next comes the IT/BPO sector with 11% of employees and healthcare with 10.4%.


Meanwhile, trade accounted for 5.3 percent while the transport sector for 4.2 percent of employees. 2.8 percent of workers worked in financial services, 2.6 percent in accommodation and food services, and construction, which turned out to be the lowest contributor, at 2 percent of the labor force. work.