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Tech rush: up to 80% of top IITs have vacancies

Up to 70-80% of graduates of 2022 at top Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) including Delhi, Kanpur, Roorkee, Varanasi and Guwahati already have vacancies 10 days after starting a record final placement campaign.

Offerings have grown by up to 60% at legacy IITs compared to last year due to intense competition for tech talent across industries as the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology and digitization, members of the campus placement cell told ET.

Last year, around two weeks after the process began, more than 50% of students at the top seven IITs in Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Guwahati, Madras, BHU and Roorkee had vacancies, according to data from AND.

Placement cells said there had been a significant increase in the number of companies signing up for virtual placements this year. In several cases, there has been an increase in individual offers per company. Result: the number of students already placed has increased by up to 50% in some institutes such as IIT Kanpur.

At IIT Delhi and IIT-BHU, the number of offers so far exceeded the total number of offers last year. IIT Delhi received over 1,100 offers. Last year, the institute received roughly the same number for the entire placement season, its placement cell said.

“This is a sign of the economy recovering; many companies are also confident of significant growth in the coming years,” said V Ramgopal Rao, director of IIT Delhi. “There is also a delay in the recruitments that companies are eliminating, given that some were quite cautious in their hiring last year because of Covid,” he said.

Anil Kumar Agrawal, Head Professor, Training and Placement Unit, IIT-BHU (Varanasi), said: “A lot of students were placed in the first three days because we saw a rush of offers. . Many more companies have come this time; there was a very strong response from recruiters from all sectors. ”

Until day 9, the institute had 1,155 offers from 309 companies compared to 706 offers from 219 companies last year. As many as 938 students have accepted jobs through Day 10, up from 862 in last year’s placement season, Agrawal said.

According to data from the IIT Kanpur Placement Unit, there was a 58% increase in the number of offers and a 51% increase in the number of students placed until the end of day 8. At IIT Guwahati, more than 832 students have been placed so far, compared to 731 over all of last season. IIT Kharagpur received more than 1,600 offers in the first 10 days, the institute said.

“As the process is conducted online, it allows the companies as well as the institute to adapt further with minimal logistical constraints,” said A Rajakumar, president of the Career Development Center at IIT Kharagpur. “Companies are able to interview more students at all IITs and the institute is also engaging with more companies. IIT Bombay crossed 1,200 offers in the first six days; IIT Roorkee had 1,171 offers as of December 10.

Companies that have rolled out multiple offerings on campus include Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, Uber, Qualcomm, Intel, HUL, ITC, JP Morgan, and Oracle, among others.

As reported by ET on Tuesday, the placement season broke all records in IITs on various parameters – from the number of Rs 1 crore-plus packages to international publications and pre-placement offers.