Taiwan Helper breaks down after elderly employer dies, cared for him for 13 years

Taiwan Helper breaks down after elderly employer dies from cardiac arrest

Although initially brought together by a contractual agreement, housekeepers and their employers can develop a strong and genuine relationship relationships over the years they have been together.

This was the case of a carer who cared for an elderly man for 13 years.

When the old man passed away recently, the assistant couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Source: Facebook

Seeing this heartbreaking scene, a doctor at the hospital wrote a poignant Facebook posthonoring the help and the years she spent selflessly caring for her employer.

Foreign helper accompanies elderly employer to hospital

On October 23, Yang Da Wei (transliterated from Chinese), a doctor in Taiwan, taken from facebook to share about a heartbreaking scene he witnessed.

According to him, a 90-year-old man was recently hospitalized after suffering cardiac arrest. The eldest was accompanied by a “foreign helper”.

With the help of the assistant, the hospital was able to contact the old man’s family members.

After considering the man’s age, family members expressed their wish to let him go “pain-free”, stating that “no first aid was needed”.

Dr. Yang noted that although the patient had been bedridden for a long time, he looked neat and clean. It was a sign that he had been “cared for very carefully”.

Helper came to Taiwan 13 years ago

After learning of the man’s death, the caregiver “couldn’t stop crying”.

Dr. Yang observed that the assistant was not crying hysterically. On the contrary, her cries were soft and came across as “really heartfelt sadness.”

Later, the assistant told Dr. Yang that she came to Taiwan about 13 years ago to take care of the deceased’s wife.

After the death of the wife, the aide continued to care for the man.

Dr. Yang was touched after hearing the assistant’s story and was extremely impressed by the assistant’s loyalty, which transcended nationality and blood relationship.

Closing his message, the doctor said that while it’s not a guarantee that others will reciprocate the kindness extended to them, he is confident that the majority of people will indeed return the thoughtful gesture.

He added that his time working in the emergency department taught him that kindness comes in different forms. He also expressed his desire for everyone to be part of the Cycle of Kindness.

You can read Dr. Yang’s message, which is written in Chinese, in its entirety here.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.