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Skill-Lync Offers Job Opportunities to Over 1,000 Indian Engineers in FY21-22

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Skill-Lync, an Indian engineering edtech startup, announced that it has partnered with 50 companies and provided job openings for over 1,000 Indian engineering students in the 2021-22 financial year. Some of the key partnerships Skill-Lync had in the last year include leading organizations such as Cyient, Renault-Nissan Technology Business Center India (RNTBCI), TATA Elxsi, Expleo, Verolt, Segula Technologies, etc.

Through these partnerships, Skill-Lync has provided employment opportunities for young students as well as advanced professionals in various engineering fields such as mechanical, electrical, civil, computer and engineering. electronic. Partners like Cyient and RNTBCI have also launched development programs for their employees in the areas of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and embedded systems.

In the fourth quarter of FY22, Skill-Lync enrolled students from over 38 countries in its programs, including geographies such as the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Germany , Australia and Canada, among others. In keeping with its goal of providing budding engineers with the right skills, Skill-Lync emphasizes emerging engineering technologies through a combination of self-paced and instructor-led sessions.

Speaking on the developments, SuryaNarayanan PaneerSelvam, co-founder of Skill-Lync, said, “In line with the Indian government’s call to build a skilled economy, Skill-Lync continues to bridge the gap between industry demands and the current workforce. With our comprehensive suite of engineering programs, we have established ourselves as credible partners for organizations looking to build a pool of skilled talent. We remain true to our goal of creating suitable career opportunities for our students and creating value for our partners by producing the next generation of skilled employees. »

Speaking about their association with Skill-Lync, Rajendra Kumar Patro, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Delivery Operations, Cyient said, “We have partnered with Skill-Lync to ensure that we hire qualified software professionals. embedded and to develop new recruits to Cyient. . Closing the skills gap in large-scale embedded software is critical across all industry sectors at Cyient. We hope this partnership will ensure that we have the required Embedded expertise to deliver innovative solutions to our global customers.

Speaking about their association with Skill-Lync, Debashis Neogi, Managing Director of Renault-Nissan Technology Business Center India said, “We are delighted to partner with Skill-Lync to enhance the technical knowledge of our employees in key areas such as as vehicle development, including electrification. and software, which will help us deliver products and services to our global and local customers. We will also give Skill-Lync trained people a chance to be part of our organization to develop their careers.

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