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SC mom who quit her job offers tips for starting your own business

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) — If the “big resignation” has you considering quitting your job, you’re not alone. A CBS News report says 47 million people have done just that.

CBS News cites USA Today, which found that every month since June, more than four million workers, or 3% of total US employment, quit their jobs, usually for new, better-paying jobs.

But not everyone who quit their job went to work for another employer. Some have retired, while others have started their own businesses.

Octavia Walker is one of those who have become their own boss. Walker left her television media sales career to become the founder of “Getting By Is Not Enough.” It is a coaching company that works with mothers of disabled children. Walker offers personal coaching to help moms create a strengths-based roadmap, so they can have the confidence and peace of mind to pursue their professional or personal goals, without neglecting the needs of their family. .

Her background in sales gives her insight into what makes a good money-making idea, which she will focus on when appearing on Working Wednesdays. She will offer some advice to others looking to start their own business.

In survey after survey, more women than men quit their jobs during the Great Resignation and for some one of the main reasons was family obligations.

As a mother of two children, one with special needs, Walker says the demands of trying to work and take care of her family prompted her to make a change to better fit her lifestyle. And now she’s helping other women do the same.

You can find out more about his coaching business by clicking the link.

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