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Return program returns to Carle Health to help job seekers

Returning to the job market after a break can be daunting and prevent talented and motivated potential candidates from applying for open positions. However, this year, Carle Health is reinstating its return program, which helps job seekers overcome these barriers.

“The first program in 2019 was very successful for the participants and the organization”, Paige Parker, Workforce Head of Development Program, said. “It can be difficult for professionals on extended career breaks to re-enter the job market and integrate into corporate life. Carle’s Returnship provides opportunities to help participants re-enter the workforce, restore skills, regain confidence and connect to potential career opportunities.

Applications for the 2022 program are accepted from July 25 to August 15. Candidates can apply online.
During the 10-week program, which runs from September 12 to November 18, participants will spend four days a week working in a specific department and one day a week at Carle at The Fields for skills-based training. , professional development and preparation for professional reintegration.

“We were able to hire some of our participants into long-term careers at Carle Health and we’re very happy to bring him back,” Parker said. Two participants, Emily Liang and Mary Powers, took advantage of this experience to access new positions at Carle Health. Liang is now a senior financial analyst in accounting and Powers is a vendor services specialist.

2019 participants testify about their experience
The return suited Liang perfectly, who said a three-year gap on his resume made his job search more difficult.

“It was hard to deal with when I didn’t get answers after the interviews. The gap is like a black hole to me,” Liang said. “When my friend recommended the Return Program to me, I applied immediately. I wanted to be in an environment that welcomes people on gap years, knowing that we have potential value for the workforce.

After staying home for eight years after the birth of her two sons, Powers was ready to get back to work when her youngest son entered kindergarten. When the former high school English teacher saw the ad for Carle’s first comeback program, she said she was so excited. “It seemed tailor-made for my situation,” Powers said. “It was an opportunity to reorient myself towards a career in the field of health while providing me with the support I needed to return to the world of work after a long absence.

During the comeback program, Powers worked with marketing and communications and Liang worked with the finance department on projects four days a week. Then, one day a week, Thursday, the entire Returnship group attended workshops and training together.

“My fellow Returnship attendees and I were looking forward to our Thursdays,” Powers said. “It was a chance to share our experiences across our departments, learn together and build our skills and confidence even further.”

Mike Carrelli, Head of Accounting Operations and Budget, was first introduced to Liang during Returnship’s recruitment process. “Based on her skills and needs within the finance department, we brought in Emily and introduced her to our team, systems and processes,” Carrelli said. “She learned so many valuable skills through the return program that she was able to apply directly to her job. She had big questions, thought carefully about her career, and was very excited about the opportunities. It became clear that Emily was a perfect fit for our position as a financial analyst.

“Having gap years on your resume means you’re fully charged with a strong working spirit,” Liang said.
“This program knows that value and will help you reset your career path.”

Ideal candidates for the program have a bachelor’s degree, five or more years of work experience and a desire to grow, develop and pursue work opportunities at Carle Health, Parker said.

The Returnship provided Powers with a nurturing and engaging environment that supported his re-entry into the workforce. It also allowed her to discover how many of her skills were transferable to different opportunities at Carle Health, she said. After the return, Powers accepted a position with Provider Services.

“I can onboard all of our new physicians and APPs and am involved in immigration processing for all of our system-wide employees,” Powers said. “I love helping set our new vendors up for success and helping them find a home within our Carle communities.”

“Competing in the Returnship has been everything for my career,” Powers said.



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