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REGIONAL JOB FAIR 2022: Plethora of tools available to hire job seekers in Newton

COVINGTON, Ga. – Job seekers who attend the regional job fair hosted by Georgia Piedmont Technical College (GPTC) receive all the tools they need to get hired.

With more than 30 employers expected at this year’s show to be held on Tuesday, April 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., job seekers can take advantage of free “interview-ready” blazers in the closet at clothing, employment help with writing applications and resumes, and GPTC education and training opportunities.

“A highlight of our regional job fair is the clothes closet,” said Dessa Morris, who is the Workforce Development Manager for the Walton County Industrial Development Authority. “It’s full of blazers of all sizes. We meet job seekers before they enter the actual job fair and equip them with a blazer; while trying on different sizes and colors, the volunteers give them a pep talk. We help participants improve their posture and confidence. Participants leave the closet ready to meet the companies and secure a great local career.

Morris said she is working with Goodwill, which supplies the blazers, as well as FISH (Faith In Serving Humanity) in Walton County and others who donate the blazers.

“My favorite part of the event is when the people we outfitted earlier in the day stop on their way out and share their smiles and the number of companies interested in hiring them,” she said. “It’s rewarding to make a connection and contribute a little to their success at the job fair. »

Irvin Clark, vice president of economic development for GPTC, recently told Covington City Council that workshops would be available to the public, which would help job seekers learn about “soft skills” they might need to succeed in an interview, such as communication. , teamwork and work ethic, as well as building an attractive resume.

Workshops will also help those who may not be job-ready learn what they need to do to prepare, he said.

A new convenience for job seekers planning to attend the hiring event is to offer gas cards, made possible through the partnership between Georgia Power, Verizon and Snapping Shoals EMC.

“With gasoline at an all-time high, we were concerned that the cost of travel to the event would prevent those who could benefit the most from attending,” said Asher Dozier, vice president of economic development. of the Newton County Industrial Development Authority. . “Our amazing sponsors at Verizon Wireless, Georgia Power, and Snapping Shoals EMC came out and provided funds to provide gas cards to attendees so we could help overcome this financial hurdle. The regional job fair, and i think that’s what sets this one apart from other job fairs, has always – from help with recovery, to offering training with GPTC, to blazers from Goodwill – sought to helping job seekers overcome barriers to successful careers. Gas cards are just another tool our sponsors have provided this year to help achieve this goal.”

The regional job fair will be held at the GPTC Newton D Conference Center, located off City Pond Road at 8100 Bob Williams Parkway in Covington. Event organizers were expecting more than 30 local and regional employers this year in manufacturing, logistics, construction and more.

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