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Over 1.8k job seekers attend China-Stanbic job fair – Pindula News

The China-Stanbic Job Fair attracted over 1,800 job seekers to the inaugural event organized by Stanbic Bank in partnership with the Chinese Chamber of Enterprises in Zimbabwe (CCEZ).

About 2,000 applicants, mostly recent college graduates, swarmed the event venue in search of information and jobs with Chinese companies.

CCEZ Vice President Shanel Liu said job applicants had submitted their resumes and met with employers and company representatives, NewsDay reported.

About 20% were interviewed during the show while more interviews are planned in the coming weeks. Liu added:

The event was a resounding success thanks to the collaboration between the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises and Stanbic Bank. It has achieved its goal by providing an opportunity for job seekers who are struggling to find suitable employment.

Our Chinese companies have invested in Zimbabwe, across a wide range of industries, and this successful launch of the job fair has prompted us to invest long term in the event which has proven to be a strong platform. for providing jobs to Zimbabwean job seekers. and boost the local economy

She said it was heartening to see job seekers meeting employers and company representatives face to face as they could gain a better understanding of their career prospects and pursue preferred paths through networking with potential employers.

More than 30 Chinese enterprises from various sectors such as mining, agriculture, textiles, hospitality, information and technology, and construction, among others, participated in the fair.

The event was welcomed as the unemployment rate in the southern African country is exploding.

The details, contained in ZIMSTAT’s quarterly labor force survey for the first three months, seen by Pindula News, said the total number of employed people was estimated at 3.3 million while the unemployment rate “in using the strict definition was estimated at 19%”.

ZIMSTAT’s definition of employed persons includes subsistence farmers and those in the informal sector, such as vendors.

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