On camera, tribal man tripurally beaten by ex-employer for asking for dues

Videos of the attack have gone viral on social media.


A shop owner in Tripura was filmed assaulting a former employee with an iron bar when the latter asked him for his pending salary for the month of October.

Videos of the incident show Apu Saha, owner of a clothing store in Agartala, slapping and assaulting his former employee Surajit Tripura with an iron bar. Another staff member, Sagar Deb, was also seen helping Saha as he repeatedly slapped the victim.

Mr Tripura, a tribal youth from the remote Dhalai district of the state, filed a complaint against the shop owner at West Agartala Police Station.

According to the police, Mr Tripura worked for Saha, which owns the showroom of a popular clothing brand in the city. When he went to Saha, demanding that his pending salary for October be paid, Saha and Deb began to assault him. Another employee reportedly recorded videos of the incident on his phone camera.

Videos of the attack went viral on social media, prompting many people, including TIPRA Motha tribal party leader Pradyot Manikya, to condemn it.

“Attention @Tripura_Police! @YTFTIPRA has already raised this issue with you! We demand justice! It breaks my heart to see such treatment meted out to anyone! Please act or I will personally descend on your station with my YTF warriors! Mr Manikya tweeted.

West Agartala Police said they were investigating the incident and would take necessary action against the accused.