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New job offers chance to get paid £1,000 to eat Greggs, McDonald’s and Subway

Company is looking for ‘takeaway testers’ who will be paid £1,000 to delve into fast food favorites like McDonald’s and Greggs – in case you doubt the perfect job Is to exist.

UK marketplace website is looking for six testers to help the company establish the best fast food options for traders.

They will be tasked with sampling a range of fast food dishes that have already been voted top 20 by shopkeepers.

Not only will lucky contestants receive £1,000 for the month-long project, they will also receive a free screen, with items to sample including a large Big Mac meal and a meatball sub from Subway.

You will be paid to eat various fast food meals, including a Big Mac. Credit: Alamy

After swallowing, the tester will be required to fill out a diary with information about how they feel after consuming the meal – they will be asked to comment on various factors including their feelings of fullness, energy level and overall satisfaction.

The information will be passed on to who, alongside a nutritionist, will create a guide featuring the best meals for traders on the go.

Samuel Hunt, co-founder of, told the Mirror: “If you go to your local Greggs or McDonald’s early in the morning or at lunchtime, it’s very likely you’ll see traders taking their fuel for the day.

“Although fast food has negative connotations, for traders these meals are convenient fuel for them!

“In the trades, you are physically put to work and as a result burn a lot of calories, so a hearty meal is a necessity to keep you full, satisfied and energized throughout the workday.

The company wants to know the best fast food options for merchants.  Credit: Alamy
The company wants to know the best fast food options for merchants. Credit: Alamy

“We’re really excited to launch this experiment. As we’ll be working with a nutritionist on the results, we can’t wait to share with our community the best fast food meals to eat at work. You don’t mind getting paid to test some of the UK’s favorite fast food joints, please apply now!”

No experience is necessary for the position, but obviously a love of fast food will help and candidates will need to be at least 18 years old to apply.

If you fancy applying, you can do so here – you have until Friday 27 May to apply and those who have applied for the position will be notified shortly after. Good luck.