Most remote workers want their employer to cover home internet costs

As employees around the world transitioned to working from home, the slow internet was one of the main factors keeping them from being as productive as they could be, according to a new study.

To learn more about the productivity challenges faced by teleworkers, High speed internet.com surveyed 1,000 American workers who currently work or have worked from home to find that 80 percent of them say their Internet connection prevents them from working.

As remote and hybrid working are quickly becoming the norm for many industries, two-thirds (67%) of respondents believe their employer should cover their internet costs while they work from home. At the same time, 75% say they would upgrade their internet plan if their employer paid them an allowance.

While upgrading to high-speed internet can help improve your connection, purchasing a new wireless router or installing Wi-Fi extensions in your home can also eliminate dead zones and help you out. be more productive when you work from home.

Bad work habits at home

In addition to slow internet speeds, Americans working from home also developed a number of bad habits that prevented them from staying productive while working from home.

As many struggle with their work-life balance when working remotely, the survey also found that more than half of those surveyed added bogus meetings to their calendars or faked a bad internet connection to turn off their webcams. during the videoconference to take a break.

When it comes to bad habits, three-quarters (77%) of those surveyed admitted to using their work computer to check social networks or make online purchases during working time. Surprisingly, just over half (51%) of those surveyed also said they play video games or spend their day watching content on streaming services instead of working.

While working from home has its advantages, it also has its challenges and to get more done, remote workers should try the wide range of productivity tools now available or even consider using time management apps to help them. better follow their days.

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