Maid’s ‘suicide’ turns out to be murder, employer arrested | Chennai News

Chennai: Two days after a servant Housemaid it was believed that he had committed suicide red hillsit turned out to be murder.
The police arrested the employer who allegedly had an affair with the woman and murdered her in a fight.
Nathan, 65, from Karikalan Chozhan Nagara retired BSNL employee, lived with his wife and two children.
Since his wife had health problems, he employed Arputhammal, 50, from Tada in Andhra Pradesh. She would stay home to take care of Natwife’s and do household chores.
After completing household chores, Arputhammal went to sell fruit at the Red Hills bus stop to earn extra money.
On Sunday night, Nathan alerted his family members claiming that Arputhammal had hanged herself from the ceiling using her sari.
They in turn alerted Red Hills police, who rushed to the house and sent the body for an autopsy at Stanley Government Hospital.
Since the autopsy report confirmed she had been strangled, police questioned Nathan who spilled the fuse. He told police he strangled her to death with his bare hands and then decided to stage a suicide drama.
Investigations revealed the pair were a couple and a fight broke out on Sunday night after they got drunk. The man verbally assaulted her after she continued to demand more money, police said.
“His wife was in a separate room, which proved useful for the man to commit the offence. They had frequent quarrels over money, so the family members did not suspect anything of ‘unusual,’ said an interviewer.
The police turned the case into a murder and arrested Nathan. He was taken into custody.


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