Job offers

Loyal Burger King employee turns down multiple job offers as demands pour in across country after viral birthday giveaway

A man who went viral after posting a video of his coworkers’ 27th birthday gift bag at a Burger King at a Las Vegas airport has plenty of options if he decides to make a career change. Following news of his faithfulness as a worker – he never missed a day of work – and his integrity as a father became public knowledge, companies across the country offered him a place within their companies.

Kevin Ford, cashier and cook at the popular fast-food chain, said that although he received invitations to work for a company that restores cars, most offers have been with other establishments in the food and beverage industries. catering and hospitality, according to TMZ. .

The manager of a restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, more than 2,258 miles away, reached out to the 54-year-old, saying it would be an honor to serve alongside someone like Ford. Another seaside restaurant, specializing in “must-have” tacos, offered him a job where he could take breaks by the ocean every day.

Despite the excitement of a new job, he turned them all down. He says he has no desire to quit his current job. One of the reasons he doesn’t want to leave is fear it will disrupt his pension, family health insurance or other retirement benefits.

His daughter Seryna wrote in a GoFundMe campaign, which is now close to a quarter of a million dollars, “My father continues to work here because even though he looks young, he is nearing retirement age. retirement and leaving would cost him his retirement.”

Now, with his new followers donating more than $233,000 to him on the crowdfunding site, his retirement may not be as much of a concern for the man whose biggest worry is his family’s stability. . According to his daughter, Ford sacrificed himself to support his wife and four daughters, even sending all the girls to college.

Jobs and money aren’t the only things thrown at him.

A woman offered to help him update his CV, just in case he wanted to start a second career.

Perhaps eyeing all the money that was donated, several real estate agencies offered to help her spend it by offering to help her buy a new house. In an effort to outdo these agents, a real estate company has offered to waive half of their commission if he chooses to go with them.

No word on whether Ford will buy a new home.