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Lottie Ryan is open to job offers outside RTE – telling 2fm boss Dan Healy ‘give me my own show’

Lottie Ryan has said she would take a job outside of RTE if the right thing presented itself – admitting she had been yelling at bosses for her own show for years.

The TV and radio personality currently works as an entertainment reporter on 2fm and host of the new Dancing with the Stars podcast. but has made no secret of the fact that she wants her own first on-air gig.

Asked if she would leave the broadcaster, after more than a decade working there, should an offer arise elsewhere, she told the Irish Daily Mirror: “I guess at the moment the shows that interest are within RTE. But I’m not closed to opportunities.”

“If there was a good idea that was proposed to me and which was not within RTE, I would of course consider it. From a documentary point of view, perhaps.

“But in terms of live entertainment, TV shows, the big kahunas, the ones I would really like to go for are currently under the umbrella of RTE and obviously other outside production companies.

“But, you know, like I said, if there was a good idea coming from somewhere else, I’m not going to look at it.”

It comes after the presenter received praise from Dancing with the Stars fans at the start of this season when she replaced host Jennifer Zamparelli at the last minute when she fell ill with Covid. Lottie, who is the eldest daughter of late RTE 2fm legend Gerry Ryan, said the brief encounter with the buzz of live TV gave her the boost to continue pursuing her dream of her own gig in direct.

“It was a huge wake-up call for me because it was so exciting. And the adrenaline rush was very addictive.

“So I’d like to do a bit more live TV. So those two things are definitely on my list, a radio show and a bit more live TV, I think.

“I want to broadcast on 2FM. And so yes, Dan Healy[2fm boss], please give me a show. Thanks very much.

“I’ve been very vocal about it for a long time. I’d love my own show.

Speaking as part of the One4All Mother’s Day campaign to celebrate the great ladies in our lives, the new mum also opened up about how she’s been dealing with ‘guilt’ since returning to work after welcoming first son Wolf, last summer.

In particular, after being upset by trolls who tried to shame her.

She said: “Yeah, that’s definitely something I struggled with because I didn’t expect it, and I think I’d like to think I have pretty thick skin. But it was something that, because I was new, my skin wasn’t very thick yet.

“So it hurts and it upset me a lot.

“And I think what shocked me about all of this was the fact that the comments were coming from other mothers.

“And so I think that’s an extremely difficult thing for moms today to deal with and deal with.”

The RTE host who has been in the public eye since she was a child, has pushed back against the opinions of others for decades.

And while saying she can do it herself, she says she draws the line when it comes to her child or her husband Fabio.

“It doesn’t bother me anymore because I guess I’ve known that my whole life I grew up with it.

Lottie Ryan, Morah Ryan, Babette Ryan and Bonnie Ryan at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2018 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin

“I’m really used to it. I’m not offended.

“But when it comes to my baby or my husband, it’s a whole different nerve with me for some reason.

“It’s a different ball game for me. And that’s something that I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it, but it’s something that I’m still trying to do, I’m still learning to sail, I think.

Urging people to think twice before assuming they know all about someone’s situation, she continued: ‘You shouldn’t have to guess when putting up a photo to share that your child is in nursery or you’re going back to school. work, you know, people don’t know what’s going on and other people’s lives, you don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors, or what people are dealing with.

“And if people knew the whole story, they would probably feel mortified and really stupid for making the comments in the first place.

Her: “I’ve been open and honest about the fact that I have to go back to work, I’m self-employed, unless you want to pay my mortgage for me. I was just being honest about it.

When asked if her mother had given her any advice since welcoming her now eight-month-old son, she explained: ‘It’s a difficult question because I guess a lot of things I’m faced as a mother are things my mom did that I can’t do.

“So, for example, my mother grew up in a generation, I guess, where a lot of women were at home.

“And, you know, my dad was working full time and my mom was a full time mom.

“And that’s just not possible for a lot of my generation, I think, including myself, so I went back to work after four months and I’m working full time.

“And I think my mom was with us seven days a week, you know, growing up, that was my understanding of a mother figure.

“And, and I’m not able to give that to my son.”

“So I think in the beginning I probably struggled with a bit of guilt, when I went back to work and, and that was something I had to get used to, but it’s probably not not a single problem.

“I think a lot of people in my generation, you know, both parents have to work. And that’s how it is these days.

“So I guess I have to learn how to be a modern mother, which is quite different from how my generation saw their mothers growing up, I guess.”

And while Lottie praised her mother Morah and 94-year-old grandmother for their words of wisdom, she said the main advice she took came from fellow RTE presenter and pal Jennifer Zamparelli.

“Jen is a very close friend, I am constantly in awe of her workload in addition to the fact that she has two children and a very successful marriage. She is constantly, almost daily, giving me help and advice,” she said.

“If I’m having a rough morning, she’ll say that’s just a phase and that’s probably one of the most important tips and matters the most to me because it lets me know if you hold on, this too shall pass.”

Lottie has teamed up with One4all to help celebrate the mother figures in our lives this Mother’s Day.

Commenting on the campaign, she said: “With the restrictions lifted, I am more excited than I have been for the past two years to celebrate Mother’s Day, especially as this is my first year as a than “mom”.

“Whether it’s a day shopping with my mother, going out for ice cream with the kids or going to a restaurant with the whole family; One4all gift cards are our ideal gift for all the women in the family.

As part of the campaign, One4all revealed Irish breast myths, which still exist as three out of four mothers admit to telling their children the same stories they were told growing up.

Three-quarters of respondents say their mother or grandmother had a funny saying or myth and almost two-thirds (65%) say they believed these great stories were true until adulthood. Passing the tradition on to their own children, 74% tell the same little lies to their own children, with 1 in 4 saying they usually do it to get their children to do something they don’t want to do.

Lottie said: “My mum told me a lot of these myths growing up, but now that I’ve become a mum myself, I find myself guessing which stories are true.

“The thing that stuck with me the most was that if I swallowed gum, my insides would stick together! I believed in it for longer than I care to admit.”

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