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Los Alamos job fair draws over 100 job seekers

Scene from the Los Alamos job fair held October 13 at the Fuller Lodge. Courtesy/Room


Los Alamos Job Fair Held Thursday, October 13 brought over 100 job seekers to Fuller Lodge.

Sponsored by TechSource, Los Alamos County and the Los Alamos Chamber Commerce, the job fair brought together more than 30 participating companies that are is currently recruiting. More than 100 job seekers showed up!

The Chamber anticipates that many new hires will come from the job fair and thanks TechSource and Los Alamos County for their sponsorship of the event.

About the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce:

The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce is a program of Los Alamos Commerce & development company; a private non-profit economic and community enterprise development organization serving the Los Alamos area since 1983. LACDC serves as the umbrella organization for the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, Los Alamos MainStreet, Los Alamos Creative District, Discover Los Alamos, Los Alamos Small Business Center, projectY cowork Los Alamos, Los Alamos Research Park, LEEP (Lab Embedded Entrepreneurial Program) and the Los Alamos Business Accelerator.

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