Lidl Ireland becomes the first employer to commit to a living wage for 2023

Lidl Ireland has announced it will become the first major employer to commit to the latest rate of €13.85 recommended by the Living Wage Technical Group for 2023.

The company will invest €7.5 million to introduce the change which will benefit 4,200 employees across Ireland as all other employees are currently earning more than the new living wage.

The salary is independently assessed and the recommended income rate is considered necessary to have a socially acceptable standard of living.

This is the second pay rate increase announced by Lidl this year and in recognition of the continued hard work and dedication of store and warehouse colleagues, particularly as the cost of living crisis continues.

They said that a full-time colleague impacted by this increase earned around €1,500 more per year. Employees will benefit from the new living wage level from March 1, 2023.

The announcement follows an investment of 10 million euros by the company in March this year, which saw all 5,000 employees benefit from a pay rise.

In total, over the 12 months from March 2022 to March 2023, Lidl will have invested 17.5 million euros in salary increases across the organisation.

Speaking about the announcement, Maeve McCleane, Director of Human Resources at Lidl Ireland, said: “Our most important asset is our people and now more than ever it is vitally important that we take our responsibility to help our employees weather the challenges of the cost of living crisis as best we can.

“Our latest commitment to adopting the recommended living wage for 2023, for the seventh consecutive year, will result in a second announced wage increase for more than 84% of our employees in less than 12 months.

“At Lidl, we have prioritized building not only an exceptional workplace, but also an inclusive, rewarding and fulfilling culture for our employees through cutting-edge initiatives such as paid fertility leave, the removal of the mandatory retirement age and our compassionate leave policy.

“We can see clear evidence that we continue to be an employer of choice for Irish workers with just over 92,000 applications in 2021 compared to 76,000 pre-pandemic in 2019.”