KF Seetoh calls out employer who blinded housekeeper saying ‘These people aren’t human…they should be kept out of society forever’ –

KF Seetoh took to social media to call the employer who blinded her maid, denied her medical assistance and then punched the maid’s other eye.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (November 1), Mr Seetoh wrote: ‘She punched her blind helpless helper in one eye, refused medical assistance, put him to work and then punched the other…and always made her work when she was totally blind. .. no longer pressed a hot iron against his now deformed ear. She sent the helper home on her own with $6,000 plus compensation…and that was it.”

He added that “all the employer has is a 10 year prison sentence, a $4.6,000 fine. Evil clearly has no limits, they just get old in prison”.

Ms. Sugiyem Samad Radimah became blind in both eyes after her employer repeatedly beat her. She also bore scars and had lost a lot of weight after suffering more than six months of abuse.

In April 2020, Ummi was unhappy with the victim and slapped her face and ears repeatedly, causing her left ear to swell and harden.

Although she observed that Ms. Sugiyem’s ear was swollen, Ummi did not provide any medical help and did not take her to a doctor. During the same incident in April 2020, Ummi also directly struck both of the victim’s eyes several times. When Ms. Sugiyem tried to protect her eyes from the beating, Ummi grabbed and pulled one of her hands and continued to hit both of the maid’s eyes. The assistant lost sight in her right eye after one of the defendant’s punches.

Ummi then used her mobile phone and a coat hanger to hit Ms Sugiyem on the head, shoulder and back. When the victim fell to the ground during the assault, Ummi pulled her ponytail and tried to get her to stand. She then continued to hit the victim with a clothes hanger until it broke.

This incident caused Ms. Sugiyem to completely lose sight of her right eye. A few days later, she told Ummi that she had become blind in her right eye and wanted to see a doctor, the Straits time reported.

Ms Sugiyem weighed 52.8kg in February 2021. Her weight was 76kg in July 2019 when she underwent a pre-employment medical examination mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

In his post, Mr Seetoh continued: ‘Lawyers for the employers claimed the assistant was not totally blind as she could smell the employer and avoided him in the house. Have they ever known what it’s like to feel and sense fear when they’re visually impaired? The judge even said that the blindness was ‘irreversible’”.

“I hope some association helps the Indonesian assistant to rip the employers apart for real compensation and permanent trauma. These people are not human…they should be kept out of society forever,” a he added. /TISG

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