Job seekers

Journalism job seekers feel the pressure of the labor market

For the first time this year, hiring in the technology, information and media industries on LinkedIn fell in the month of June.

The latest from LinkedIn monthly staff report released on Wednesday found hiring fell in those industries by 4.6% year-over-year and 9.1% month-on-month. The last time hiring declined in this category was in January 2021, when hiring fell 1.9% year-over-year.. (LinkedIn calculates “hiring rate” by measuring the number of LinkedIn members in each industry who added a new employer to their profile in the same month the new job started, divided by the total number of LinkedIn members in United States)

The decline in hiring makes sense, given that a few large digital media companies have slowed hiring in recent months. Vox Media and Insider did, citing the slowing economy. Vice Media Group would have also exploited the breaks on new recruits. Not to mention the hiring slowdowns announced by tech companies like Microsoft, Meta and Snap.

What impact does this have on journalists looking for a new job?

“I expanded my network,” said a freelance journalist who asked to remain anonymous. The journalist – who has two freelance writing gigs underway – has applied for a few positions over the past few months. But she thinks it’s slim there.

“Over the past month, I don’t want to say I haven’t seen anything, but I feel like I haven’t seen anything,” she said. “A lot of media companies don’t hire writers. They hire financiers, lawyers, technicians.

When asked if she’s seen the headlines about media companies scissoring their hiring plans, she said she’s seen a few. Falling on the issue blanket is “almost heartwarming…because it would be like, ‘OK, it’s not just me,'” she said.

Another reporter Digiday spoke to who asked to remain anonymous quit her job as a senior editor at a major women-focused digital publisher in June. She thinks it was not the right time to leave.

“Most people on Twitter are advertising jobs now. I’ll admit it, I feel like I chose to come back there – not at the worst time – but the job market as far as jobs go. media is a little thin,” she said. When she applied for jobs in January, she saw a “plenty of solid opportunities.”

Writer and editor positions are “very hard to come by right now,” she added.

For this reason, the writer expands his search. She’s applying for roles outside of media, in areas like the arts, programming, and technology. “It’s something I’ve considered, but never done until now,” she said.

The other side of the coin

But it’s not all bad news. Media companies like BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg and Hearst continue to hire.

Job postings on continue to be “very robust,” said Dan Rohn, who founded and runs the platform. has about 1,100 print, broadcast and digital media jobs, Rohn said. That number has remained “pretty constant” over the past few years – except for a “major dip” in March, April and May 2020 due to the pandemic, he said.

After seeing a number of major media companies announce hiring slowdowns, Rohn wonders every week if he’ll start to see a drop in posts on his site. “But it was very strong,” he said.

Many posts on the site come from smaller newspapers around the country, Rohn noted. He did not notice any “withdrawal at all” from these posts. Major digital media companies based in major metropolitan cities have been over-hiring in recent years, forcing these companies to adjust to market conditions with layoffs and hiring freezes, he said. he declares. “Market dynamics really vary by geographic location,” Rohn said.

“For now it’s business as usual, keep going and see what happens,” he said.