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Job vacancies pour in for Ukrainian architects and designers fleeing war in Russia

Architectural industry organizations and practices across Europe are extending their support to Ukrainian architects and designers who have sought refuge in neighboring countries following the Russian invasion of their country.

Several initiatives have been launched by local architectural organizations in various European countries to find temporary jobs for displaced Ukrainian refugees in architecture and design firms.

The Architects Council of Europe (ACE) has set up a special working group called “European Architects – for Ukraine”, dedicated to finding “the most effective ways to help Ukraine, Ukrainian architects, the citizens and the architecture of today and tomorrow, when it is time to rebuild the country”.

In a statement issued on February 25, 2022, ACE President Ruth Stagemann said: “On behalf of the Architects Council of Europe and the entire European architectural community, we would like to express our support to all Ukrainian architects faced with the political situation in which Ukraine and its citizens find themselves.

ACE shares initiatives and actions across Europe to support Ukrainian refugees, such as databases of job vacancies for Ukrainian architects and designers or various forms of assistance to Ukrainian refugees provided by architectural organizations local. In several countries such as Denmark, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, architects offer work opportunities to their Ukrainian colleagues.

Architectural firms in Denmark offer work, internships and even office space to Ukrainian architects, designers and other individuals working in the creative industries through the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning database ( NIAIU) in Poland. Legislative changes are also being considered to allow Ukrainian architects to seek employment in Denmark.

The Ordre des architectes, the national council of architects in France, encourages its members to welcome war-affected Ukrainian professionals into their practices by posting applications on the council’s website.

In addition, a group led by AFEX, Architectes Français à l’Export and the AMO association has developed a platform to connect displaced Ukrainian professionals with French companies that have job offers.

In the UK, the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) has set up a Crisis Response Center to share the latest guidance for Ukrainian architects and students, advice for UK firms wishing to provide assistance and updates on the taken procedures. The RIBA Jobs platform will be used to connect refugees with employment opportunities in the UK, requiring displaced architectural firms to also offer free accommodation for a period of 6 months.

RIBA Chairman Simon Allford said: “Our hearts go out to all those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has revealed the horrific effects of the conflict on communities and highlighted the role architecture in building resilient, collaborative and inclusive societies. .”

Similarly, the RIAI in Ireland has published a list of firms that have offered to offer internships to conflict-displaced architects, architectural technologists and architectural graduates located in Ireland.

Architectural firms in Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, among others, are running their job campaigns for Ukrainian refugees online on social networks. social media, including Facebook and Twitter.