Job seekers

Job seekers are in the ‘driver’s seat’ this holiday season, expert says

Over half a million Americans typically seek additional work around the holiday season. With inflation at a record high and a possible impending recession, more and more people are being driven to seek seasonal employment.

And one expert says that even though the labor market is starting to cool, it’s still sizzling.

“It’s the best job seeker market ever,” said Julia Pollak, chief economist for ZipRecruiter, an online employment marketplace. “Employers still have to make very attractive offers, and job seekers are still in the driver’s seat.”

Companies offer great incentives, including higher salaries. Amazon announced this month that it is offering sign-up bonuses of up to $3,000, with potential opportunities for full-time jobs.

With vacation costs set to rise 6% this year, people are looking for ways to keep up.

There are plenty of opportunities to be found.

Jason Mabel, Splendid’s east coast operations manager, told CBS News he’s had trouble filling shifts for the past two years. This year he started hiring even earlier – in September.

“This is the time when maybe a teacher can be away for a few weeks during the holiday season and wants to come in and take a few shifts,” he said.

But as consumers start holiday shopping earlier to stretch their budget and plan to spend less than usual, big retailers are divided on how they’re hiring.

While Amazon and Target are targeting roughly the same holiday hires as in 2021, Walmart — the nation’s largest retailer — said it was bringing in only about a quarter of last year’s figure. Macy’s is also retreating, hiring about half as many seasonal workers as it did last year.