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How to choose between several job offers

You did it. You’ve spent a lot of time building a resume, writing cover letters, filling out applications, sending emails, listening to endless phone calls, going through interview after interview, and now… you’ve got the job. ! In fact, not only were you offered a job, but you received many job offers. Alleluia!

However, as great as receiving multiple job offers, it still leaves you in the difficult position of having to choose between them all. Of course, it’s better to have multiple job offers than no job offers, but that certainly comes with complications. So when that happens, what do you do? Read on to find out how to choose between several job offers!

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Long term goals

When you have the luxury of choosing between several job openings, one of the first things you need to consider when making your choice is your long-term goals. For example, if you want to be a nurse and you are offered a job in the medical field and another in retail, it would make more sense to accept the job in the medical field because it is in the same domain you are trying to enter long term. This will give you more experience in this field, which will both ensure that you love this field and are happy in it, but also help you get closer to your dream job as a nurse, while a job in retail wouldn’t do it.

However, sometimes job postings are not that clear. Perhaps you have been offered several jobs in the same field. How to choose then? You need to figure out which position will help you gain the skills you need to continue advancing in your field, which company will give you the best networking opportunities, which job will allow you to do the type of work you are interested in more closely in the field, and more .

You can also think of it this way: Let’s say you’re offered two different jobs related to marketing, which is your long-term goal. One is private company marketing and the other is non-profit organization marketing. The types of marketing you would do would be very different. Which one offers the ability to do the kind of marketing you want to do (or at least the closest)? Which will help you prepare and get closer to where you want to be in your career?

When you have an opportunity like this, with the freedom to choose between several job offers, choose the one that will ultimately help you the most with your long-term goals.

Salary versus personal satisfaction

The next thing to consider after your long-term goals when deciding between multiple job openings is salary versus personal satisfaction. Obviously, you have to make a living or you won’t be able to afford the job at all. But sometimes it’s better to experience personal satisfaction in the work you do while earning a little less money than in less satisfying but better paying jobs.

We’re all in different positions, but if you’re stuck between multiple jobs and can afford to take the one that will fulfill you rather than the one that won’t, you should. If any of these sound like a dream job to you, a job that would make you feel fulfilled and happy if you did it every day, even if you would make less money than in any of the other jobs that have been offered to you, it is probably the Best Choice. Personal happiness, especially in the long term, is extremely important. Of course, not everyone can afford to make that choice, so if you can’t, do your best to take the job that pays you decent pay and that you won’t hate doing.

Gut feelings

Ultimately, when all else fails, you have to follow your instincts. What are your instincts telling you? Did you get a bad vibe from a manager or a weird feeling from the job offer? Or do you feel something in the pit of your stomach when you consider one job over another? We all have intuition and sometimes, even though we can’t explain it, our body is telling us something that our mind isn’t. You don’t want to choose a job that you don’t have a good feeling about. When you feel something very strongly, it is best to trust your instincts.

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Considering the above points will definitely give you food for thought and hopefully guide you towards decision making when juggling multiple job openings. Only you know your own situation and what would be the best choice, so allow yourself to contemplate that situation deeply and thoughtfully before deciding!