Housekeeper savagely beat her 92-year-old employer to death with her own cane and stabbed her in ‘utterly ferocious’ murder

A CLEANER who murdered her elderly client by beating her with a cane and stabbing her has texted her husband about the horror act.

Hanny Papanicolaou jumped the back fence of Majorie Welsh’s Sydney home before beating and stabbing the 92-year-old on January 2, 2019.


Majorie Welsh was beaten to death by her cleaner in 2019Credit: 7news
Hanny Papanicolaou broke into Majorie's Sydney home with the intention of robbing her


Hanny Papanicolaou broke into Majorie’s Sydney home with the intention of robbing herCredit: 7news

An Australian court found the 39-year-old guilty of murder in February and recently sentenced her to 22 years behind bars, with 15 years without parole.

The court heard how the deranged killer sent her husband a series of text messages after beating Majorie with his own cane and stabbing her with a kitchen knife.

“Please I’m going to die, I think it’s best for me,” one message read.

“You’ll never believe me again, please, please. You’ll never believe me forever. Better I die. Please take care of the kids, I’m sick of this life. Sorry, deep in my heart,” read for a second.

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Judge Robertson Wright said the killing was “unplanned and impulsive” and that Papanicolaou was a chronic gambler who intended to rob Majorie when she broke into the property.

He said Papanicolaou spent $430 (£243) on slot machines just 15 minutes away at a nearby club before driving to his victim’s home and jumping the fence.

“After parking, Papanicolaou crossed the park and climbed over the back fence of Ms. Welsh’s property and into the backyard,” he said.

“The assailant also struck Ms. Welsh in the head, face, chest and arm with decorative ceramic bowls or plates which were displayed on shelves in Ms. Welsh’s kitchen.

“Papanicolaou also stabbed Ms Welsh in the lower chest and abdomen approximately six times with a knife taken from the kitchen cutlery drawer during part of the attack.”

The 92-year-old woman was able to activate her alert collar, causing Papanicolaou to flee before help arrived.

The elderly woman was taken to hospital for emergency surgery but sadly died six weeks later.

Meanwhile, she gave two interviews with police at the hospital where she named her attacker “Hanny the Housekeeper” and described in detail the “utterly ferocious” attack.

When asked if she could think of the reason for the attack, Majorie replied, “It would be peace of mind if I could.”

She added: “There are usually logical reasons for things that happen in this world, but I don’t see any logic in it.”

Judge Wright quashed claims that Papanicolaou suffered from a major depressive illness at the time of the attack, but said she had symptoms of anxiety and depression.

“The death was a great human tragedy, especially for his family and for all others affected by this sad affair,” he said.

Angela MacLeod, one of Majorie’s two daughters, said her mother was someone who could achieve anything she wanted in life.

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“Life wasn’t always perfect for mom…but she was strong, smart, loving, protective, all those things you want in a mom. We were always very proud of her,” said she declared.

The judge said Majorie was taken from her daughters in a way they found unthinkable and inexplicable.

The savage murder took place in a sleepy suburb of Sydney


The savage murder took place in a sleepy suburb of SydneyCredit: 7news