Employer pays housekeeping agency $11,000, gets 3 problematic helpers, including one who ‘hides’ in restroom to avoid work and detects ghosts

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A concerned employer has taken to social media to warn others about an employment agency after paying S$11,000 for three foreign domestic workers who did not stay with the family. They are still waiting for a new assistant.

Chua Lerine, a member of Facebook page Complaint Singapore, said in a post on Saturday June 4 that they had already signed three employment contracts with Network Employment Agency from January 2021 to October 2021.

The agency, located in Bukit Timah, reportedly did not help the family or provide them with the correct FDW.

“I had already paid over S$11,000 to the agency in one year,” Ms Chua said.

According to his statement, the first assistant was “problematic” and “went to hide in the toilet every (a few) hours”.

“A lot of broken things in my house, unable to clean because of pain in stomach, legs, hands, even her hair too. She told me she didn’t know how to iron my clothes. She woke up later than all of us and took 1 hour to do her hair treatment. She even tells me she smells ghosts, “ Mrs. Chua said.

They sent comments to the agency about help and were told to wait until they couldn’t take it anymore, so she was transferred.

After paying an additional S$5,000 and waiting two months, the second FDW never arrived.

“Again, I have to shortlist another FDW and sign a third engagement contract with the agency,” she said.

They waited a few more months until the third assistant arrived, although she only stayed with them for 10 days because she was “seriously homesick”.

“When we informed the agency that I couldn’t keep the FDW and would send it to the agency, to my surprise, the agency just closed their doors to us.”

Ms Chua said they were not informed that the aide had fled from the agency. “I had to call the police and MOM (Ministry of Manpower) for advice,” she said.

It was soon revealed that the aid had been sent back to his country by MOM.

“The FDW told MOM that we are very nice people, but the agency does not want to release her, and they kept her in the agency,” thus forcing her to flee, Ms Chua said.

However, she noted that the agency placed all the blame on them. “In one year, I paid over S$11,000 to the agency, and I still don’t have any help,” Ms Chua said, feeling cheated.

She warned others to “think twice” before dating the agency.

“I contacted the police and got feedback several times at MOM, went to CASE and now to SCT (Small Claims Tribunal). I felt no one was helping me and the agency continues to ‘scamming other people,’ Ms Chua said.

Independent Singapore has contacted Network Employment Agency for a statement and will update the article accordingly./TISG

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