Employer branding as a way to attract workers

PETALING JAYA: Like the advertising industry, the media and communications landscape is also feeling the effects of the talent shortage.

Due to the complexity of business, facilitated by the rapid use of technologies such as data and analytics, talent has become specialized and competition has intensified. The migration of talent to neighboring countries has also aggravated the situation.

Commenting on talent in the media and communications industry, the new president of the Media Specialists Association (MSA), Bala Pomaleh, told StarBiz that the talent dynamic has changed dramatically compared to last year.

“We are seeing a gradual integration of talent across all sectors, especially at the intersection of data, commerce and technology industries.

“Talents are increasingly leveraging their opportunities to deliver their best value to clients through their digital and technological prowess, which in turn increases the value of the partnership the client offers to media agencies,” he said. -he declares.

Due to the shortage of talent in the media and communications sector, he said, among other things, that employer branding is important in retaining talent.

Employer branding refers to a company’s reputation as a workplace.

In other words, the employer brand is how people perceive the values ​​and work environment of the company.

“Our value proposition as an employer is our brand. As such, it’s important for us to get our story out there so people see what it’s like to live and breathe in a media agency.

Bala said there were no apparent gaps in the growth of Malaysia’s advertising industry compared to neighboring countries.

“The pandemic has rapidly shrunk our world, breaking down borders and borders. While we were working from home, the effort of brainstorming with someone as far away as 9000k or 9k was effectively the same.

“Most importantly, we are learning from each other and creating opportunities for growth instead of catching up,” he added.

Established on December 19, 2003, the MSA aims to assist and support agencies specializing in the provision of research, strategic planning, negotiation and media placement services.

It has more than 20 members. The association also plays an important role in providing a common platform to discuss and resolve current and future issues facing the industry.

Elaborating on the industry’s outlook for the second half of the year, he said it was premature to make projections at this stage, adding that there are now many uncertainties that could affect the outlook.

The Russian-Ukrainian war, supply chain disruptions and higher inflationary pressures around the world are seen as challenges that would impact the industry.

This lower ringgit, he said, could also prove tricky for media owners using foreign content to generate advertising and media spend.

The possibility of the 15th general election in the second half is the other big event that would impact the industry.

Election years typically create more demand for advertising space, he said, noting spending would likely rebound, which is also good for the media industry.

Bala took over from Chanchal Chakrabarty who has completed his term as president of the association.

Chanchal is currently Managing Director of GroupM Malaysia.

Bala will serve as MSA President for the 2022-2024 term.

Dheeraj Raina, who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of dentsu Malaysia (media), is now the vice president of the association.

With 30 years in the industry, Bala was also recognized as Head of Agency for Southeast Asia in 2021 with Campaign Asia.

Under his leadership, the Mediabrands network, of which he is the CEO of Mediabrands Malaysia, has gone from strength to strength.

Its agencies have won numerous local and regional awards, including Campaign Asia Agency of the Year, Festival of Media Global & Asia, Malaysian Media Awards, Kancil and the Effie Awards, and have maintained top scores in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of RECMA and the World’s WARC Top Agency. listing.

WARC is a global marketing award.