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NEW YORK – October 25, 2022 – ( Newswire.com )

As HR and communications professionals continue to recognize the importance of promoting a positive workplace culture, they are increasing their efforts to market their employer brand/employer value proposition.

In the results of his 6th Annual Employer Brand Report investigation, Brandemix offers a fascinating insight into the current state of employer branding.

  • The average size of the companies represented was over 2,000 employees.
  • The two main objectives of creating an employer brand were “recognition as an employer of choice” and “ease of attracting candidates”.
  • The most mentioned mediums that have changed or will change based on recent employer branding initiatives are career sites (63%) and social media (50%).

“It’s a smart investment,” says Brandemix Chief Brand Officer Jody Ordioni. “Digital communications provide an immersive, multimedia opportunity to present a large amount of information and segment by target audience.”

The investigation was launched at an interesting time. The Covid pandemic has become rampant, and the big resignation/reshuffle has turned into what might now be called the “silent shutdown”, where employees are unwilling to go above and beyond in their jobs. Global events have impacted the supply chain, inflation and the economy, and new data points to a slowdown in the labor market for 2023.

“Employer brand survey results will always represent a snapshot in time, but with today’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion as well as the shift to remote working, it will become more difficult to attract talent by promoting the qualities of a shared office/culture or differentiate what makes one culture more enviable than another It will be curious to see how social and economic trends will impact the recent focus on workplace culture, employee experience and, of course, employer branding,” says Ordioni.

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the unique set of offers, benefits, and experiences an employee receives in exchange for work. About half of respondents to this year’s survey either have an “articulated EVP” or plan to create one very soon.

A very exciting trend emerging is that employer branding is breaking down internal organizational silos. In the past, employer branding was largely a result of talent/HR acquisition, but this year’s answer to the question “Who was part of your EVP initiative?” indicates a balanced stakeholder team comprised of marketing, internal communications, corporate communications, and talent acquisition.

Clearly, a strong employer brand does more than just fill vacancies. One comment was that the employer value proposition speaks to job seekers as well as current employees and even consumers of the organization’s products and services. It distinguishes companies from their competitors, increases worker engagement and improves retention.

“The internet, including social media, has truly leveled the playing field, allowing small businesses to have a low barrier to entry to successfully compete for talent against larger, well-known companies,” says Ordioni. “This should be great news for nonprofits, healthcare and start-ups.”

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