Dundee vet becomes 100th living wage employer in the city

A Dundee vet has become the 100th employer in the city to adopt living wage.

Wallace Veterinary Center now joins 2,700 accredited employers across Scotland who have joined the initiative.

By registering as a bona fide Living Wage employer, Broughty Ferry is committed to paying its staff a fair wage to help them have an affordable quality of life.

It also provides staff with financial security and shows that their work is valued and has clear benefits for employers.

The announcement means more than 1,600 workers in Dundee are being paid the real living wage.

Christine McCaig, Living Wage Projects Coordinator, said, “We are delighted to celebrate Wallace Veterinary Centers’ commitment to Living Wages. They joined over 2,700 accredited employers in Scotland, which now includes over 100 Dundee-based employers.

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“Despite the challenges currently facing businesses, employers in Dundee have signaled their commitment to tackling in-work poverty and demonstrating leadership and resilience.

“We hope to see more Dundee employers become accredited to deliver on the vision of making Dundee a living wage city and to tackle in-work poverty.”

Graham Duff, COO of Wallace Veterinary Centers, said: “We are delighted and honored to be named the 100th living wage employer in Dundee.

Council leader John Alexander and Cllr Lynne Short during a Living Wage announcement earlier this month.

“It’s important that our whole team knows that they are appreciated, and paying them a little bit according to the true cost of living at a minimum, regardless of their age, was really important to us. We are proud to be a milestone in Dundee’s ambition to become a living wage city.

A spokesperson for Dundee City Council said: “It’s great that 100 employers across the city have pledged to pay their employees the real living wage.

“The Council works closely with a number of businesses in the city to promote Living Wage benefits and to encourage and support businesses to become accredited.

“We know the impact that paying a fair wage has on people in the city.”

In 2019, Dundee became the first place in the UK to gain recognition for its ambitious plan to become a Living Wage City, a place-based approach to driving real Living Wage adoption by local businesses.

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