Dubai maid jailed for practicing witchcraft and using black magic on her employer – News

The victim reported hearing strange whispers in the middle of the night

Published: Thu 7 Apr 2022, 06:29 PM

Last update: Fri 8 Apr 2022, 00:24

An Asian domestic worker has been arrested for practicing witchcraft and sorcery against her employer, which is punishable under the UAE Federal Penal Code.

The Dubai Public Prosecutor’s Office remanded the maid to the Criminal Court. According to the details of the incident, the victim said she was experiencing mental and physical fatigue and suspected that her maid was practicing black magic.

The victim also reported hearing strange whispers in the middle of the night while in the bathroom.

When the employer confronted the maid, she denied casting spells. After searching the maid’s phone, the victim discovered that the maid was communicating with a stranger to perform magic. The employer also found a photo of a doll with talismans, as well as a piece of cloth with blood hidden in the maid’s room.

Fahd Abdul Karim Balzmoul, head of the deputy prosecutor’s office, said the defendant admitted during questioning that she had contacted one of her relatives to communicate with a “religious man”.

The man allegedly told her to pay 200 Dh in exchange for prayers on his behalf so that her employer treats her well. The parent then sent her a picture of the doll on WhatsApp and asked the housekeeper to keep it on her phone, insisting it would control her employer’s behavior.