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Dishwasher job offers S$3,500 salary at Orchard Rd restaurant yet no takers – Netizens fear it will be long hours and backbreaking work

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Yes, the labor shortage is real, to the point that some food and beverage establishments have started offering $3,500 for a dishwasher job. In a Japanese restaurant in Orchard Road, the co-owner herself had to do the dishes while waiting for the dishwasher.

A May 25 report in the Shin Min Daily News said very few people were interested in the job, despite a salary that rivals some college graduates. However, weighing in on the matter, netizens say that given the long hours and backbreaking work of dishwashers, they are not surprised that there are very few people interested in the position.

Ms Chen Weixin, co-owner of Ishinomaki Grill & Sake on Orchard Road, told Shin Min Daily News she had to get involved to make sure the dishes were washed. And when she offered other restaurant workers an extra $50 a day to do the dishes, no one took her up.

She told the Chinese-language daily that she assumed people perceived the task as small and the lure of extra pay was not enough. When Ishinomaki Grill & Sake finally offered $3,500, a Malaysian worker agreed to take the job. The search for this worker lasted a whole month, and no Singaporean wanted to fill it.

The Shin Min report says several restaurants are offering a $4,000 salary for dishwashers and up to $3,000 in bonuses to entice staff to sign up. Many foreign workers, who commonly held this position, returned home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Netizens, commenting on the news, said they weren’t surprised, as working as a dishwasher is backbreaking work, with long hours and usually working 6 days a week.

Some have pointed out that $3,500 a month isn’t that much after all.


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