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Cybercriminals deceive young people with fake job offers: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Nikhil Bhardwaj

Ludhiana, October 15

Cybercriminals have started targeting young people by sending them fake job offers. The job offer message contains a link which, when clicked, allows fraudsters to access the recipient’s bank account.

The Ludhiana police also received complaints of this nature after some youths were tricked by the disbelievers into adopting the same modus operandi. After young people started reporting such scams, the police launched an awareness campaign to prevent users from falling prey to cyber criminals.

City police posted a scam alert on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts and asked people to avoid such posts as the calls were made by fraudsters. As cybercriminals are finding new ways to steal innocent people’s money daily, the police have also started holding awareness seminars in schools, colleges and other institutions. Even people who visit police stations or police offices are also made aware of the precautions to be taken so as not to fall prey to such fraudsters.

Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (Crime) Rupinder Kaur Sran said the police have been running awareness campaigns for the townspeople and even scam alerts are being shared on the police station’s official social media handles. Ludhiana. Any informed resident must make the people around him more aware so that fraudsters fail in their attempt.

5G conversion: the public aware of online fraud

A new type of cyber fraud shared by Ludhiana police station on its official social media pages in which fraudsters call people and ask them to upgrade their 4G SIM card to 5G for free. Some people have also fallen into their traps and lost money. “Scammers will call you and tell you to upgrade your SIM card to 5G. Do not provide OTP. This is scam. If you receive such call or message and scammers cheat you, immediately dial toll free helpline on 1930 or visit ‘’ and the service concerned will help you get your money back This will blow your bank account People should upgrade to 5G by visiting their provider’s store nearest service provider and follow the instructions on the service provider’s website.