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Collat ​​School of Business Student Receives Over Five Competitive Supply Chain Management Jobs – News

Hannah Breier, a spring 2022 industrial distribution graduate from UAB, will begin a career as an associate supply chain engineer in Chicago, Illinois, following an impressive career as a Blazer.

When Hannah Breier, a native of Naperville, Illinois, was researching colleges, she had her future career interests in mind: pursuing materials engineering. Although far from home, the University of Alabama at Birmingham ticked all the boxes for a place where Breier saw himself spending four years of college training.

Once at UAB, Breier honed her interests and, with the support of advisors, stumbled upon the industrial distribution major at the Collat ​​School of Business. Instantly, Breier knew that the degree track was the ideal solution to help her succeed in the career field of her dreams.

“For me to be able to see many different aspects of the supply chain, understand distribution from a holistic perspective and learn to look at management and learn things about running a center of profit was extremely attractive to me,” Breier said. “The program itself contains a wide variety of knowledge taught for business and, in particular, supply chain management; but the predictions and creative solutions we have been taught apply to how we can effectively solve day-to-day business problems.

Students like Breier who enroll in the Charles and Patsy Collat ​​Industrial Distribution Program are offered a rare Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution that puts them at the center of one of the most dynamic fields in business. Industrial distribution professionals manage the flow of materials from manufacturers to distributors to customers, which means they play a key role in propelling the economy by supplying the building blocks of the products America creates and that the world buys. Industrial distributors supply government, industry and manufacturers with the products needed for commercial and healthcare operations.

At UAB, the industrial distribution sector prepares graduates for jobs as industrialists or distributors in technical industries for positions in commercial engineering, logistics, marketing, inventory and purchasing, as well as management of agency.

With a degree in industrial distribution in greater demand than ever – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and international supply chain disruptions – Breier was perfectly prepared for a postgraduate career in supply chain management. supply chain after graduating from UAB in the spring of 2022.

The interview opportunities offered to him through the Collat ​​School of Business and his determination in the application process led to Breier being offered more than five job opportunities in the field.

In May 2022, Breier begins her career at Fresenius Kabi in Chicago, Illinois, as an Associate Supply Chain Engineer – the only person in her department with the title. Breier thanks UAB for the support and educational opportunities that propelled her to achieve her professional goals.

“There were so many strong, driven people around me while I was at UAB, and the professionalism and resources I had access to is something I will always talk about with others,” Breier explained. “Whether it’s professional help from professors or real experience in the world of industrial distribution, the experience I gained as a Blazer will stay with me forever.”