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Coinbase launches database for people whose job offers have been rescinded

Coinbase created a public database of people it was about to employ – but didn’t – after its hiring freeze including the cancellation of job offers.

the said talent center is “a list of incredible people impacted by recent talent changes at Coinbase,” according to the company’s site. Former Coinbase applicants can self-submit their name, discipline, current company, and contact information.

At the time of publication, nearly 350 people, mostly software engineers, had signed up.

If it seems odd that Coinbase is compiling a talent database that could be scrubbed by competitors, that’s because it is. Announcement follows massive backlash from accepted (then rejected) applicants ventilation on their canceled offers. In some cases, these jobs were necessary to maintain immigration status.

On Twitter, many took issue with Coinbase’s euphemistic phrase “hiring update” to refer to layoffs, hiring freezes, and rescinded deals, with at least one calling the move “ruthless.”

“The optics of this is HORRIBLE”, a Web3 developer said of the Talent Hub announcement.

“If there was a Pulitzer Prize for the most laughable corporate word, ‘hiring update’ would win hands down,” said Stephen Palley, a legal partner at Anderson Kill, said in response to the news.

“It’s basically a rugpull list of victims”, eric.eth wrote. “Wtf is happening at Coinbase?”

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