Bolton: Man threatened ex-Bradshawgate employer with scissors

A young man admitted to harassing and threatening his former employer with razor-bladed scissors.

Mayzar Fattah, 20, repeatedly threatened his victim when he showed up at his workplace, first saying he would beat him and then kill him.

Fattah confessed to his crimes at Bolton Crown Court but will have to wait for psychological findings and probation reports before finding out what fate awaits him

Judge Tom Gilbart said: ‘The defendant was a man of good character prior to these cases, it is not appropriate to convict him prior to receiving these reports.

“I’m doing this out of fairness to him.”

Speaking to Fattah, he said: “I know you wanted to be sentenced today and you are frustrated.

“The reason is that it is fairer to you that there are reports about you to help the court.”

Prosecuting Jane Dagnall set out the case against Fattah, of Archer Grove, Bolton.

The court heard how Fattah, who was 19 at the time of his offences, harassed and threatened his Bradshawgate-based victim on several occasions between April 19 and May 19 this year.

On April 20, Fattah went to his victim’s workplace, picked up a pair of scissors and began cutting customers’ hair without being asked to do so before finally being told to leave.

But he returned the same day and damaged a window by throwing stones.

Having already damaged the windows, he returned the next day and asked his victim to cut his hair.

On April 22, Fattah once again returned to the Bradshawgate business and demanded money, threatening to beat up his former employer if he refused.

His threats escalated soon after when on May 15 Fattah threatened to kill the man with a pair of razor-bladed scissors.

The accused again threatened to kill his victim on May 22.

Fattah was eventually arrested and, speaking through a Kurdish interpreter, has now pleaded guilty to harassment.

Simon Blakebrough, defending, said Fattah wanted to be sentenced as soon as possible and deserved credit for pleading guilty.

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Judge Gilbart decided that he would be sentenced as soon as possible, once the relevant reports were completed.

He said: “The fact that I am ordering reports and adjourning the case does not mean that I have taken any particular position as to the sentence that will be imposed.

“All options will be open to the court at the next opportunity.”

Fattah will be remanded in custody until his sentencing on November 15.