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Biglaw Jobs WITHOUT Interviews ?? What has the hot side market forged?

We already know that Biglaw is very busy and that there really aren’t enough qualified lawyers to handle all the work. This has led to intense competition for qualified associates and created a searing sideline market with all kinds of repercussions like special bonuses, signing bonuses, retention bonuses, raises – basically a lot of money is spent. .

But the competition for the best – or even just for hot bodies – is intense. The latest proof is a tendency for Biglaw firms to hire maintenance-free associates. Yes, you read that right, based solely on the strength of a full-back’s CV, there are companies that take a risk and hire lawyers. As an anonymous partner told the trend:

“In any other year you would have said it was stupid,” said one of the partners. “But the competition for people has become so fierce that the big law firms are truncating what is normally a process of months to come to weeks.”

A recruiter also weighed on the lowering of standards induced by the competition of lateral lawyers:

“In a strange way [recruiting on the spot] makes sense for businesses, so that they are able to say to a client, “Well, we can actually close the deal now because we have the manpower.” So they lock people up before the interviews even take place. Or, alternatively, the talks completely change shape. They are informal. It’s now more about ‘make sure they’re not crazy’, rather than ‘are they fit for us’.

The recruiter added, “It’s either that or the client goes somewhere else and you risk losing them forever.”

Another partner offered a boon to associates looking to make a lateral move:

“Businesses need people to make deals that are happening right across the board. So if you have the history of the company, a background in a leading company, then the companies are telling you, yes.

Likewise, an associate of an elite UK company said: “My friends who are associates in other companies have said that if someone has a CV with relevant experience, they just hire them on the spot. .

They added: “This is definitely a good time to be someone looking for a job.”

I haven’t seen such a bold hiring decision since Notre Dame published a flyer about Charlie Weis. Hopefully this works better for businesses than it does for the Irish.