Job offers

Beware of job offers in foreign countries, you could fall into the trap of sex rackets – WORLD – GULF

KOCHI: Those who ‘take off’ to the Gulf solely on the basis of verbal assurances from visa agencies will have to ‘crash’ with shattered dreams. If you are lured by the promises of illegal agencies and paper companies, you will not only lose money, but also valuable documents. Girls often fall into the trap of sex rackets.

Last year, 278 cases including human trafficking were recorded in the Kerala Police NRI cell. Despite intensified measures and awareness raising, victims continue to fall into this trap. Make sure that a company exists when obtaining the visa and the letter of offer. The employment contract and the letter of offer must match. You can ask for help from your friends in the Gulf or the Indian Embassy. Beware of those who offer incredible salary and benefits and ask for money for registration and visa.

Don’t fall for the offer

Scammers deceive by giving offer letters on behalf of large companies. Many of those who received offer letters were granted tourist visitor visas. It is illegal to work and seek employment on a visitor visa.

Visa fees in the Gulf are usually the responsibility of the employer. They do not entrust other people or organizations with the task of issuing their own institution’s work visas.

Ensuring a good trip

SP official K Lalji said the Kerala Police NRI cell has started the ‘Shubhayatra’ scheme so that those who go abroad in search of employment are not cheated. Advice will be given on employment issues for overseas Malayalis.

Human trafficking is serious
Transporting a person to another country through the use of false documents, threats or deception is considered human trafficking. It is an offense to obtain the victim’s consent by paying or promising to pay.

Sexual exploitation of victims, forced labor and criminality, begging, forced labor and intimidation are tragic aspects of human trafficking.

Indian emigration rules state that women under the age of 30 should not be recruited to work as domestic help.