Job seekers

Almost one in five jobseekers immediately regretted taking a new job offer as soon as they started work – London Business News

CareerWallet, the leading recruitment and employment technology company, processes up to 10 million jobs a day from recruitment companies and employers across the UK and recently released a national survey of employees showing detailed trends and information on the UK labor market.

The report highlights that almost 1 in 5 job seekers (18%) who accepted a new role immediately regretted the change as soon as they started the role.

The survey went on to show that more women (19%) than men (15%) regret starting new roles, with the top reasons given by job seekers being a lack of professionalism or even management aggressively, the role had been poorly sold in the interview and in some cases the starting salary was even lower than that agreed upon during the recruitment process.

National survey from leading tech company shows how many employees are disappointed when they change roles and often find themselves in worse positions than before after all the stress and upheaval of job hunting, interviews and starting new roles. The findings underscore the importance of good management and complete honesty when recruiting new employees to ensure that all parties are satisfied and the efforts have a positive outcome.

Craig Bines, CEO of CareerWallet Group, said, “At CareerWallet, we process millions of jobs daily, allowing us to quickly see how the job market is impacted on a daily basis.

“Our national employee survey highlighted the importance of accurate job descriptions and complete transparency and honesty when recruiting new staff.

“It’s a very competitive market, and it’s a huge push to get the right people right now and the last thing any company wants is for that person to leave quickly or disrupt the team because she feels like she was lied to during the recruitment process.”