Air traffic controllers reach preliminary agreement with employer – The First News

The Polish air traffic management authority and the air traffic controllers’ union have reached a preliminary agreement on the latter’s proposed changes to labor and pay regulations, the two sides announced.

The majority of air traffic controllers in Warsaw protested in the first months of the year and threatened to leave their jobs from May 1 after a long dispute with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAZP) over working hours. of work, remuneration and the PAZP. financial transparency.

On April 28, the deadlock was lifted for the first time when the demands of the Air Traffic Controllers’ Union (ZZKRL) regarding safety procedures were accepted by the PAZP and their implementation agreed. As part of the then agreement, Polish air traffic controllers said they would continue to work until July 10. In the meantime, the parties had to work on the final agreement.

On Friday, PAZP and ZZKRL said in a joint statement that “in collective bargaining, the two sides initially agreed on changes to the work regulations and compensation regulations” proposed by the air traffic controllers. According to the statement, the two proposals will now be presented for consultation with the union side and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

PAZP’s Ruslana Krzeminska told PAP the consultations were to last 30 days.

“The new appendix to the labor regulations limits the increase in allowances, changes the rules of remuneration for controllers not only in Warsaw, but throughout the country, reducing disproportions in income levels between employees,” the statement said.

He also said the union’s proposed changes “organize workplace issues and aim to minimize overtime for traffic controllers.”