A well-known Portadown employer broke into his home and assaulted three people in a land dispute – Armagh I

A Portadown man who assaulted three people in a land dispute has been given a three-year suspended prison sentence.

Andrew Robinson, 42, of Loughgall Road, appeared at Craigavon ​​Crown Court on Monday for sentencing.

He was charged with burglary with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, death threats, threats to damage property, three counts of common assault against three different victims, and three counts of criminal damage.

The offenses took place on June 13 of last year.

Robinson had pleaded guilty to the three counts of criminal damage originally at arraignment and to the other charges at a re-arraignment hearing last Wednesday (June 29).

The Court heard of a “campaign of nuisance, annoyance and threats” over four years, which ultimately culminated in an incident at the injured party’s home.

Robinson’s defense attorney said, “It’s a significant llocal employer with a substantial Number of employees. This has been a aberration in his life but this succeeded of acute psychological stress.

“Mr. Robinson just snapped and went home and did what he did. It dissipated very quickly in terms of intent.

“The defendant is a prominent member of the community and is unlikely to be in a courtroom again in his lifetime.”

The presiding officer, His Honor Judge Patrick Lynch QC, said Robinson was a man of “good character”.

“A worker man, providing use at people in the region,” he added.

“The activities of the injured party in this case would test the patience of a saint according to your own account…..I accept that at the time of the commission of these offenses you were under great psychological pressure as a results of the Activities of people in relationship at the ground.

“This has been disengage that whatever your intention has been whenever you Between the local, this dissipated, and you did not carry out intention at cause serious bodily harm harm.

“You cannot take justice into your own hands no matter the provocation and that is why you are appearing before me. This is why you will have a criminal record and this is why a prison sentence will be handed down today.

To this effect, for each of the counts, taking into account the accused’s guilty plea and the various mitigating circumstances, Judge Lynch imposed a sentence of three years in police custody for the burglary with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, 18 months for death threats, 12 months for threats of damage to property, three months for common assault and 12 months for criminal assault.

In addition, those sentences have been suspended for a period of three years from today, and an order for compensation of £10,000 has been made, in relation to criminal damage.

Justice Lynch concluded: “If you repeat a custodial offence, to underline any custodial offence, you are likely to be brought back to this court and may be required to serve the three-year sentence.”

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