A Chilean, accidentally paid 286 times his salary by his employer, disappears

In the latest oddity, a Chilean went missing after his company credited 286 times his salary. While the prospect of accidentally being credited more than your compensation amount may seem lucrative, in most cases you’ll either have to return the amount or make future adjustments when your company realizes the blunder.

However, the anonymous, an employee of the Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), which produces the most cured meats in Chile, decided to drop his business and run away with the ridiculously extra amount that the company gave him. accidentally credited. .

The company accidentally paid the employee 165,398,851 Chilean pesos (Rs 1.42 crore), instead of the 500,000 pesos (Rs 43,000) he was entitled to, on May 30, according to Chilean newspaper Diario Financiero. The worker reported the payment issue to an assistant manager in the human resources division. The employee had been wrongfully paid about 286 times his monthly salary, according to records reviewed by company management.

The employee was asked to repay the overpayment. According to reports, the employee promised to go to his bank to refund the overpayment he had been paid. However, apparently he was in no mood to return the money.

The company attempted to contact the employee after the bank failed to notify him of a refund, but his messages went unanswered. Later, the man called, saying he had overslept and was going to the bank.

However, he abruptly resigned on June 2 and has since disappeared. The company has not been able to contact the man since he resigned.

The Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos is now taking legal action against his former employer to recover the money credited to him.

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