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66% of job seekers end job search due to lack of entry-level jobs: survey

A woman looks at a wall poster with job vacancies during a job fair held in Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square on Wednesday. (Yonhap)

Nearly 7 in 10 four-year college graduates have all but given up looking for a job, according to a survey released Sunday by the Federation of Korean Industries.

According to the lobby group’s survey of 2,469 graduate and undergraduate students looking for work, 65.8% of respondents had just about given up looking for work, with 31.8% not looking for work. usually only a job, 26.7% rarely participating in job search and 7.3% taking a break. .

Meanwhile, 66.3% of respondents said they expected their job search process to take at least six months. Those who expected the job search to take longer than a year also accounted for 36.4%.

Only 16% of respondents said they were actively looking for a job.

Of those not actively looking for a job, 38.8% cited a lack of vacancies as the reason they were inactive, while 49.5%, or nearly half, said they were taking the time to better prepare.

Of those who said there was a lack of job opportunities, 14.5% said they thought they couldn’t find a job even if they tried, while 14.5 % said there were not many openings that matched their academic interest or specialization. Another 9.8 percent said there was a lack of job openings that met desired working conditions.

The survey also found that 28.8% of respondents thought the lack of entry-level job offers was the most negative part of the job search process. Similarly, an additional 19.9% ​​highlighted the lack of internships and opportunities for hands-on work experience.

“Those seeking entry-level jobs experience long job search periods, as companies tend to prefer hiring experienced workers who can adapt to changing business environments,” FKI said.

Meanwhile, the most preferred job type has shifted from state-owned to large corporations over the past year, the survey also showed.

By Lee Seung-ku ([email protected])