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5 things employers do that annoy job seekers

Applying for jobs is rarely easy, but can employers do more to simplify the process for applicants? According to a recent survey by job search engine Adzuna, there is room for improvement.

Adzuna surveyed 2,000 job seekers in the United States to get a better idea of ​​what they find frustrating when applying for a job. For many Americans, the lack of transparency and communication were major pain points during their experience.

“We know that finding a job is a roller coaster ride,” says Paul Lewis, Chief Client Officer at Adzuna. “It can be stressful and frustrating, and we want to change that. Part of that is understanding where things are broken.”

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Through research and petition signings, Adzuna is now advocating for nationwide pay transparency, which means that every job in the United States would be legally required to disclose salary information. While Lewis points out that transparency is essential for job seekers to succeed, it’s not the only problem they face. In fact, half of those surveyed wanted to leave their current job, but couldn’t because they found the job search too stressful.

Here is five pain points for job seekers, according to Adzuna.